Coolest Gaming Gadgets

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Here’s a short list of coolest gaming gadets by Austin Evans that we think are pretty cool.

Mad Catz gaming mouse M.O.O. 7 is the latest MMO designed mouse that will let you spam those fireballs and other attacks like crazy. With great design and a lot of customization and a ton of buttons,

Yes those buttons will make the real difference. 16400 DPI sensor with weight and other cool gaming features you sure won’t be disappointed with the in-game performance. Go play some Gear wars 2 now.

Second is a nice Mika stand for your iPad. Looks premium and can safely hold your iPad or even your iPhone. This is a clean, minimalistic tablet stand that will fit in any modern designed house that does its job well.

Third is Eton wireless speaker. It’s Bluetooth can connect quickly and without erros. The cool thing about it are small solar panels on top of it. So if you take it outside, just put it somewhere where a lot sunlight shines and you should prolong its battery life for quite some time. If you have it turned off, you can even charge to full battery.

You can even charge your phone with the solar panels, just connect it with wires and put it on the sun.

The sound quality doesn’t suffer either. For its size it produces good clear sound with decent bass tones as well.

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